The Molina Family

Lizet Molina and her 5-year-old son Alan understand firsthand how finding affordable housing can negatively impact lives. Together, the pair has moved apartments six times in three years, with Alan having changed school districts twice. When Lizet moved to America in 2001 from Mexico, she anticipated some adversity, but finding a safe and stable place to live wasn’t something she expected. Eventually arriving in Portland via North Carolina, Lizet and her son stayed with relatives when they couldn’t afford a place of their own. “I used to live with my sister, sharing an apartment. She has many kids, which made it very hard in that crowded apartment. We just couldn’t live like that any longer.”

Lizet heard about Habitat through her work as a Program Assistant for family support services at Mt. Hood Community College where she connects local families to community resources and services. When she found out her and her son were selected to partner with Habitat, they were overjoyed. Lizet knows that owning her own home will immediately change their lives. “We will not have to move again! My son will be able to feel secured and safe.”

Lizet is already at work completing her 500 hours of sweat equity. “The first time I was on site I was really nervous because I didn’t know what to expect. But it was easy! People there are really friendly, explaining all the time how to do things or what to do.” Lizet and Alan will move into their new home in the Helensview community at NE 64th Ave & Killingsworth Street in the Cully neighborhood when construction is completed in 2016.

“Owning  a home, for me, means a lot because it would give security and stability to my son. It would give me a sense of pride that I actually accomplished something,” Lizet said. “My son is so excited. Really, really excited,” she says as she holds up a drawing Alan made of his dream home. “He keeps drawing things and sharing with me how he wants his house to be. He’s already got the plan here.”

Below watch a short video about Lizet and Alan’s story.