The Nguyen/Thai Family

Manh Van Nguyen and his wife Phung Thai have their hands full at home with their ambitious daughter An, their 4-year-old son Binh, and newborn Kha. But while Manh has a stable job as a Cleaning Tech at Adventist Medical Center, his income simply can’t afford his family enough space in Portland’s difficult rental market. The family of five shares a two-bedroom apartment in Southeast Portland where they have serious pest and mold problems. Even the simple pleasures outside of home are unavailable in their neighborhood. “It’s not safe to walk my daughter to school because there is no sidewalk on the street,” says Phung.

Last time the Ngyuen/Thai’s moved, their daughter had to change schools. The family is afraid moving again for a more affordable rental could lead to the same result. “Owning a home would mean a better life, because my children won’t have to move here or there. They can focus on studying.” Their oldest daughter An loves math and wants to be a teacher when she grows up, and ambition like that necessitates room to grow.

When the Nguyen/Thai family found out they were accepted into Habitat’s homeownership program they were overjoyed. Already hard at work on their sweat equity hours, the family will move into their new home at Glisan Gardens when construction is completed in 2016. “We are very excited and ready for the sweat equity!” said Manh, “This will be a big change for us. I can plan a good future for my children, I can save money for their education.”