The Paw/Tun Family

The Paw/Tun family has never experienced having a stable place to live. Due to the civil war in their country, they were forced to run away from their village. They were living at a refugee camp in Thailand when they were able to pursue a brighter future in the United States. Since 2008, the family has moved three times. Their children endured changing schools twice.

Thablay and Kyaw have three daughters: Khink, Thaw K Pru, and Maria and a newborn Son. Khink is 11 years old and helps her mother around the house. She enjoys learning about science in school and likes football. Her sister Thaw K Pru just turned ten and like reading at home and playing badminton. Their youngest sister Maria, age 7, loves riding her bike. Their little brother was born in December of 2015.

After moving from one apartment to apartment, their friend introduced them to Habitat for Humanity. Thablay and Kyaw agreed that becoming homeowners will help with “saving more money, benefit their professional life, and enhance their kids’ future.”