The Sebastian/Pascual Family

What if you were faced with the choice of living in an apartment with leaky plumbing and moldy carpets, or moving your kids out of their schools, over and over again, as you chase an affordable, healthy place to live?

This is the choice that Ricardo and Micaela have been forced to make as they prioritize housing stability over quality because of financial limitations. Even though Ricardo works full time as a welder, he simply doesn’t make enough to afford a decent home for his family.

“I know it’s best for my kids to live in once place and stay in one school,” said Ricardo.  “But it is also not good for us to live with so much mold and house problems.”

Ricardo and Micaela have been wanting to become homeowners since learning about the Habitat program through their children’s school, four years ago.  They have applied to the program six times, but because the need for affordable homeownership far outweighs the amount of resources Habitat has to build, they were not accepted into the program.  But their persistence finally paid off when they were selected this winter.

“This will be a big change for my family,” said Micaela. “We know that owning a Habitat home will be the best way for my family to live and stay in one place.”

Ricardo and Micaela immediately got to work on their 500 hours of sweat equity, working on other Habitat homes and waiting for their home to begin construction this fall.  They are looking forward to a healthier environment for their kids, and a place to sink down roots.