The Nguyen Family

Almost three years ago, Tuan Nguyen and Phi Diep Nguyen began renting one-bedroom in the home of an extended family member — a small space for both them, their 22-year-old son, Namanh, and teenage daughter. Since then, the family has experienced challenges that have made their living situation very difficult. Besides the lack of space, Tuan suffers from rheumatoid arthritis which has progressed to the point that he can no longer walk and must use a wheelchair. Phi works full time for a food production company while Namanh is an attendant at a gas station and a college student. Both Phi and Namanh work hard in effort to afford a different living situation that will better fit Tuan’s needs.

“The normal bathtub in the bathroom is not accessible for disabled people,” said Phi. “Four people in one-bedroom is too crowded and the house isn’t assessable for my husband. We turned to Habitat for help.”

Namanh and Phi heard about Habitat’s homeownership program through friends and family members who urged them to apply. Phi recalls that when she received the acceptance call, she felt excited about the thoughts of a home where her husband would be more comfortable.

“Life will be so much easier for my husband when we live in a home designed to be wheelchair accessible,” said Phi. “We will be happier when everyone has space of their own and we can have more of our income to spend on our children’s education.”