The Lwin/Myint Family

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Aye Myint and her husband, Myo Lwin (whose nickname is Shine), are originally from Burma (Myanmar). They live with their 11-year-old son, Zin Min, 24-year-old son Ko Ko, 21-year-old daughter Aye Aye and Aye Aye’s 3-year-old child, Kaung Lwin.

Aye works as a custodian at a hospital, Ko Ko is a cook, and Aye Aye is a college student. Their family works hard, but they don’t make enough to move out of their small, overcrowded apartment. They are very excited to move into a larger home of their own at the Martins Street community build.

The two words that best describe Habitat for Humanity to them are “Our Future”.

This home is being sponsored by Hilb, Rogal & Hobbs. Find out more about how you, your company, your organization or your faith group can help a family like the Myint’s through home sponsorship.

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