The Mang/Ciang Family

Taang L. Mang and Zam Sian Ciang exemplify the American Dream; they came as refugee immigrants from Myanmar in 2010 with their newly born daughter Niang, looking to create a better life. Once they arrived, Taang quickly found a job as a custodian, working long hours in order to provide for his family. He also began attending college part time at PCC, hoping a better education would lead him to a higher paying job, and ultimately a stable home for his children.

Still, the journey has not been easy. Currently Taang is struggling to pay the high price of rent, and so his family of four is living in a one bedroom apartment, as it is all they can afford.  Besides issues with overcrowding, the apartment has heating and plumbing problems making winter months very uncomfortable.  The walls and ceilings are growing mold, which cause his children to have frequent respiratory problems.  And as his two young children continue growing, space is becoming an increasingly pressing issue.

“Our apartment is old and needs repair,” Taang said. “We just want a good home for our kids, where they can grow and play in safety.”

Taang learned about Habitat from a friend and was shocked to see that he would be given the opportunity to purchase a home.

“We have been dreaming about this moment. We feel like we are rich, like we are living the American Dream.”

Their journey has been long and hard, but they can now take solace knowing they will have a stable home for the rest of their lives.