The Mansi Family

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Micheal and Ewelina Mansi know all too well about the stress of packing up and moving. In the past five years they have moved five times, chasing affordable rents. When they moved into their most current apartment a year ago, they hoped to be stable and finally establish some roots for their two sons. But they soon learned their new place had ant problems, mold issues and old carpet that effected their children’s allergies, leaving the Mansi’s no choice but to look for a healthier place to live, yet again. The problem was, despite working hard as a supervisor for a janitor company, Micheal just didn’t make enough to afford a safer place to call home.

“I was so tired of moving,” said Micheal. “I knew I needed to settle my family, but I also needed to protect their health and allergies. I was so stressed with the thought of finding a new place.”

That’s when the Mansi’s learned about Habitat. Michael mentioned  he was looking for a new place to live, at work and his coworkers suggested he look into Habitat for Humanity. When Micheal learned that Habitat’s program makes homeownership affordable for families in his income bracket he was shocked.

The Mansi’s applied and met all of the program qualifications. And from the minute they were accepted into Habitat’s program they have been excellent partners, overjoyed with the thought of owning their own home.

“I have no words to explain how happy I am,” said Micheal. “It is the best feeling when you are safe and know that your home is a place you own and can live in forever.”

While the Mansi family, once again, will have to pack up and move their stuff into their new home at Victoria Cottages, they are gladly up to the challenge, knowing it will be the last time they will ever have to move again.

Congratulations Micheal and Ewelina! And welcome home!

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