The Maw Family

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Saw Myat Maw and her two teenage daughters are struggling to make ends meet. They live in a two-bedroom apartment that is hard to heat and impossible to keep warm in winter. Over the five years the family has lived there, Saw has constantly struggled with deteriorating conditions inside and outside the apartment. She often overlooks problems for fear that her rent could increase.

Saw’s daughters both attend high school and participate in extracurricular activities that are helping them succeed with their education. They both appreciate how hard their mother works to keep a roof over their heads, but are still affected by their surroundings. The family often hears their neighbors fighting through the thin walls and see mice throughout the apartment. Because their apartment has only two bedrooms, one daughter often sleeps in the living room.

A friend of Saw’s told her that Habitat could be a good program for her family because mortgage payments for a Habitat home could be very close to what she already pays in rent.

Saw said that one of her lifelong goals has been to own a home of her own and escape poor conditions of her apartment.

“My friends said good things about Habitat,” Saw said. “This program gives me hope and will help me fulfill my dream.”

Saw believes that having the security of a home will give her daughters the room they need to grow and create the opportunity to become responsible adults.

“I feel great,” Saw said. “I feel safe and secure about my daughters’ future.”

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