The Min/Beit Family

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Over the past four years, Zaw Min and Kun Beit have rented the same two-bedroom apartment in southeast Portland. Zaw repairs pallets, while Kun is a stay-at-home mother, dedicated to raising their two sons and daughter. Their apartment is in bad shape, including lack of heat due to a broken furnace, moldy walls and constant leaks. Zaw and Kun’s children love to play outside. But because of complaining neighbors and no designated play area, the three often have to settle for staying indoors.

“There is not enough room in the apartment,” said Zaw. “The apartment is old and there is no playground nearby.”

The couple’s main worry is the health of their children. They are often sick from the lack of heat and there is old carpeting that is hard to clean and harboring dust and dirt that affect the children’s breathing. In addition, there is a broken window which makes Zaw feel insecure at night and when they are gone.

One of Zaw’s friends knew about Habitat’s homeownership program and told the couple to apply. Zaw and Kun were very happy when they received their acceptance call and were excited to begin working on their sweat equity. The couple hopes their future home will have a small yard or a nearby park so their children will be able to play freely without others complaining.

“I want to be a homeowner for my children,” said Kun. “This will give us a better future, better education and a better lifestyle.”

Both Zaw and Kun have been working at the Rivergate Commons to complete their sweat equity. They have completed close to half of their hours and have gained important tools and skills to maintain their future home.

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