The Mitchell Family

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Evelynlena Mitchell became a mother at a very young age and has struggled throughout her life, but she says the struggle has made her stronger. She worked at a publishing company for 11 years, but still needs public assistance because she is a single mother with two daughters: Treauna, 21, and Lanique, 17. She is very proud of her children because they have both excelled in school and gotten great opportunities. Treauna is a junior at the University of Oregon. They are both very intelligent girls and have big dreams.

Five years ago, Evelynlena was left to raise her sister’s daughter, Ty’j, weeks after she was born because her sister had been incarcerated. Evelynlena’s daughters were given a big responsibility to take turns babysitting their new baby sister. They all became very close.

They lived with bad plumbing and moldy walls, while their landlord continued to raise the rent. Evelynlena tried home-buying programs, but didn’t make enough money to qualify. She knew her daughters deserved a better life, so she applied for a home at Habitat for Humanity and prayed.

After she was accepted, she wore her green ‘future homeowner’ shirt with pride and worked very hard with her daughters to complete their sweat-equity hours. Ty’j, now 5, is especially excited that she can paint her room any color she wants. Right now, she wants to paint it purple.

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