The Mung-Niang Family

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For almost four years, Mathias Mung and Lun Niang have lived in a two-bedroom apartment with their young son and daughter. Mathias works as a custodian to provide financial stability for the family, while Lun is a stay-at-home mother. Their current apartment is not a healthy environment to raise small children. The windows are substandard, causing water to leak in and drafts that make the apartment very cold. In addition, the fire alarm system does not work, the furnace is broken and there are only a few working lighting fixtures.

“We have no direct sunlight during any season,” said Mathias. “The utilities such as lighting systems, laundry machine and even doors are broken.”

Mathias and Lun worry that the lack adequate housing will affect their toddlers in the future. The couple hopes their new home will provide enough space for their children to play. They also look forward to proper lighting and furnace that will provide warmth for the whole house.

“Owning a home would be a second heaven for our family,” said Mathias. “We will be able to live healthier, more prosperous and happier,” said Mathias. “We so are so enthusiastic about life!”

The couple has been earning their sweat equity building Habitat homes and have enjoying learning construction and how to use tools. Mathias and Lun are looking forward to giving their children the home that they have always dreamed of.

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