The Nabor-Leon Family

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The Nabor-Leon FamilyGerardo Nabor-Leon and his wife, Isabel Grave, have moved from apartment to apartment to try to escape poor living conditions. They moved from their last apartment when Isabel’s daughter Janet, 15, found mice in the bathroom. The apartment was also infested with cockroaches and posed as a fire hazard with only one door to enter and exit through. The landlord painted over mold that had emerged from the walls, which eventually appeared again.

The couple work hard to make a living to support their family. Gerardo puts in long hours at a local grocery chain and Isabel has worked for a print communications company for the past 11 years. Even with their income combined, they haven’t been able to escape poverty housing.

Gerardo and Isabel are eager participants in earning their 500 hours of sweat equity by working at the construction site of their future home at Lents Landing and at the Portland ReStore.

“Earning our sweat equity has been good,” Gerardo said. “We are learning how to take care of our home and how to fix it.”

The family is most excited about having a quiet neighborhood to establish roots. They can’t wait until their new home is finished and they move for the very last time.

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