The O’Donnell Family

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It’s been 15 years since Molly O’Donnell left her abusive spouse, but she is still feeling the effects of it today. Molly and her four children, who at the time were all under four years old, left everything they had on the east coast to live with Molly’s mother in Portland. Here, the children could be raised in a healthy environment.

Molly, until recently, stayed at home to raise her children. She wanted to make sure they had a stable parent in their lives and that she was always available to meet their needs. Two of the boys are twins, and one has a serious medical condition that requires multiple, costly procedures. Molly’s children are now teenage boys and they all still live in Portland with Molly’s mother.

“For the past 15 years, we have lived at my mother’s home,” Molly said. “I have done everything I could to provide for my children, teach them life lessons and raise them to be good and upstanding young men who, I hope, will lead productive lives.”

Molly now works full-time and currently is a program manager with Catholic Charities. A couple years ago, she was inspired by reading a book that taught her how to get out of financial debt and manage her finances. Since then, she has remained debt free and has saved money at every opportunity. She is financially ready to buy her own home.

“I am very excited and almost can’t believe it,” Molly said. “As a single mom, I don’t believe that I would have the opportunity or financial ability to buy a home through traditional methods.”

Molly also recognizes that it is time for her family to have their own place with more space for the boys to grow. To Molly, Habitat makes a perfect choice for her family and their future.

“For the boys to assist in building a home for our family and to have a role in providing a home for their mother will be nothing short of incredible,” Molly says. “It will hold them steady as they grow into manhood and become productive members of our society.”

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