The Perez-Claveria Family

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The Perez-Claveria FamilyAna Perez-Claveria has worked hard all her life to provide for her family and teach her children to do well. She has raised three children that are now grown and living on their own and currently lives with her youngest child Nelly, 12. Nelly is a middle school student who takes her education seriously and recently received a letter from the Obama administration recognizing her success in school.

Despite their hard work, the two have lived in a small two-bedroom townhouse the past seven years that they rent in southeast Portland. Their rent increases, but the conditions of the home stay the same. Ana and Nelly struggle during the summer and winter months because the temperature inside the home is hard to control.

“There is no air conditioning and in the summer it gets really hot,” said Ana. “In the winter we can never keep it warm.”

For the past six years, Ana has worked at a high-end downtown hotel. Her income has never allowed her to buy a home of her own. She worries that because of their low-income, her family would never be able to build equity in their future.

“I’m not able to pay a regular mortgage because I only have one income,” said Ana. “Except with Habitat.”

A co-worker at the hotel told her to apply to the Habitat program. Her family was selected to be a future homeowner, and she is now working towards accruing their 500 hours of sweat equity. Ana is excited to live in her new home at Jubilee Commons and to decorate without having to ask a landlord. Nelly is excited to live comfortably in a stable neighborhood that allows her to continue to do well in school.

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