The Smith Family

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Robin Smith is a hard-working mother who is intent on providing a good home for her and her 18-year-old son, Andrew, who is confined to a wheelchair and requires long-term care. Their current rental is very expensive, yet it is not wheelchair-accessible. She has found it difficult to adapt their current rental housing to his needs; Andrew often has to crawl to get to areas in the home.

As their rent keeps going up, she has been searching for long-term, stable affordable housing for them – and found Habitat for Humanity. They have been accepted into our program, and will be helping to build and buy one of the homes at our SE Martins Street community build.

Habitat for Humanity worked with Robin and an architect to specifically design the home to encourage Andrew’s independence in the activities of daily living. For example, Andrew’s bedroom has an adjacent bathroom fully equipped for wheelchair use with turnaround space, grab bars and a roll-in shower. The kitchen will feature lowered counter space, a roll-under sink and cabinet storage within reach of a person in a wheelchair, so Andrew can prepare meals and feel comfortable maneuvering in the kitchen. Storage space for multiple wheelchairs and exercisers has been added.

Robin’s dream has always been to live in a safe, stable, affordable home where Andrew could easily navigate his wheelchair everywhere in the home to become more independent. They are very excited about moving into their new Habitat home soon!

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