With plans to triple the amount of people we serve annually, we’re heading into the new year with a full construction schedule ahead of us.


In addition to building 12 affordable homes in the Portsmouth neighborhood of North Portland, we’re also doing our part to revitalize the community’s infrastructure. Known as “frontage improvements” through the City of Portland’s Public Works services, we will replace the surrounding sidewalk, repave a portion of the alley, and install an ADA ramp at the corner of N Olin and N Lombard.

With all three floors framed and the roof on, construction crews are now halfway through installing the windows and siding. Once that’s set—and the rain takes a pause—we’ll start exterior painting.

On the inside of these homes, we’re on the rough-in phase; busy with plumbing, installing the HVAC, electrical, fire alarms and sprinklers. After this initial stage is set, we’ll be ready to start insulation and drywall.


Portland’s Kenton neighborhood will have an affordable new addition with 30 new homes built along the Yellow MAX line. Jam-packed with amenities, these homes are not only close to public transit, they’re also just around the corner from the quaint shops of Kenton village, just blocks away from Kenton Park, and more.

“Kenton is a neighborhood that’s friendly to first-time homeowners,” says Construction Site Supervisor John who owned his first home in the same neighborhood.

He agrees that just as much as location matters, so does the quality of the home. Densglass covers the exterior of the entire building and also divides each unit. This is done to boost the fire-resistance rating, mutes sound, and also increases durability.

With the first two floors of framing Phase I complete, third story flooring will soon begin. Stay tuned for more updates coming your way soon!

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